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Compusa (Systemax, Inc.) Selected Systems

The ultimate presence for your business on the web is with a virtual storefront and an e-commerce web site. Here you will have the ability to promote and sell your products and services, safely and securely,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week... the Internet never sleeps!'s E-Commerce solution can be added on to any of our hosting accounts and provides all the components necessary for a complete virtual storefront to support your growing business.

If your business has a number of products that you would like to make available from your web site, you might want to implement a shopping cart.

A web site Shopping Cart is meant to imitate the ones in a supermarket. Customers can add and remove products into and out of the cart as they shop and surf your site. When they are finished shopping, the 'Check Out' where the order is totaled for processing. This is the ultimate tool for a professional look as well as ultimate control.

With's E-Commerce solution you have the ability to accept and process credit cards on your web site live and in real-time. You can now truly have an automated transactions as your customers' orders are pre-authorized before they are forwarded to you and the money is automatically deposited in your bank. It couldn't be easier.

You also have the ability to run very powerful customized reports to give you the information you need properly manage your business. 

Your customers will shop in confidence knowing that all transactions are processed on a secure server and all information is encrypted for ultimate privacy. They will also be comported just knowing that their security is important to you.

1-250 Items - $199 Setup / $69.95/month
251-1000 Items - $299 Setup / $99.95/month
1001+ Items - $399 Setup / $159.95/month


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